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Strengthening the present & future growth of the industry's operations

As the offshore wind industry continues to mature, it is critical that its support systems (operations & maintenance and health & safety) are strong and resilient across the industry. With several projects underway, we will start to see a lot of steel in the water over the next several years. What are the industry standards for operations and maintenance? Operational wind farms also require a trained workforce that values safety – how can we ensure that safety remains a high-level priority as projects get underway? 

Join us in New Orleans to discuss the nexus of these industry support systems and the critical need for them to work together.



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Summit Agenda

Thursday, February 3

Sessions will be taking place from 8:30 a.m. CST to 5:00 p.m. CST on February 3.

7:45 a.m. CST
8:30 a.m. CST
O&M 101: An Overview of Operations & Maintenance in Offshore Wind

Join us for special pre-conference session to kick off the Summit. Ben Brown, Director of Industry Education at the Business Network for Offshore Wind, will share an overview of operations and maintenance in the offshore wind industry. O&M 101 is geared towards individuals new to the industry, but is open to all attendees as it sets the stage for the two-day Summit – come prepared with your questions!

  • Ben Brown, Director of Industry Education, Business Network for Offshore Wind
Stretch & Coffee
9:45 a.m. cst
Welcome & Market Overview
  • Liz Burdock, President & CEO, Business Network for Offshore Wind
Opening Remarks
  • John Bel Edwards, Governor of Louisiana
10:00 A.M. CST
Transitioning From Onshore To Offshore: Challenges & Lessons Learned
  • Samuel Tasker, CEO, Boston Energy
  • Diego Ramirez, Director, Health, Safety & Environment, Ørsted
  • Jason Culotta, Partner, Jones Walker LLP
Networking Break
11:15 a.m. cst
Turning Tides: Going from Reactive to Predictive for Cables O&M

Offshore wind is expanding at pace, with global installed capacity predicted to exceed 250 gigawatts by 2030. This requires hundreds of billions of dollars of capital expenditures and a vast demand for inter-array and export cables. The need for effective O&M strategies around this critical infrastructure is underlined by the fact that up to 80% of offshore wind insurance claims concern cable failures and, on average, one export cable failure could lead to 62 days of turbine downtime.

This session will also address other challenges ahead as offshore wind scales up, including how floating wind structures could impact preferred cable design.

  • Lee Davison, Product Manager – Renewables, Proserv 
  • Brian Davis, General Manager for the Americas, JDR Cables 
  • Dustin Varnell, Business Development, Osbit
  • David Nemetz, President – Renewables, Proserv 
12:00 p.m. cst
Lunch Break - Sponsored by Jones Walker, LLP
1:05 p.m. cst
Using Drones for O&M

Modern technologies, including the use of uncrewed vehicles and AI/ML, can create significant value by enabling safe, efficient, and profitable power generation in the maritime environment. Drones can support effective site operations in a wide range of areas from optimizing power generation; enabling remote environmental monitoring, proactively monitoring and protecting critical submarine cables, to increased site security and minimizing unplanned outages. Drones, and other new technologies, are enabling professionals in all energy sectors to get more information in real-time to make the critical decisions needed for safe and profitable operations.

This session will address ways in which uncrewed surface vehicles (USV’s) and the systems they carry can support offshore wind throughout the entire lifecycle of a project.

  • Brian Connon, VP Ocean Mapping, Saildrone
  • Jeremy Steward, Commercial Manager, Sulmara Subsea
1:30 p.m. cst
Understanding Insurance Needs for the Unique Landscape of OSW O&M

As the U.S. offshore wind industry (OSW) continues to mature, it is critical that those who invest, develop, own, or operate OSW farms understand the specialized insurance/legal/finance solutions that are needed to meet the unique needs of this renewable energy technology. This session will showcase proven OSW insurance, legal, and, financial tactics as they relate to OSW O&M and Health & Safety balance-sheet exposures.

  • Bradway Widing, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, INpower 
  • Rebecca Leonardi, Partner, Wx Risk Global LLC
  • Tom Forbes, Partner, Chaffe McCall  
  • Mari Mena, Senior Vice President – Marine/INpower-Houston   
  • Monica St. Claire, CEO, US Offshore  
Networking Break
3:00 p.m. cst
Physical Movement Demonstration: Investing in a More Resilient Workforce

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) account for nearly 40% of all workplace injuries in the utility industry. These injuries are not only impactful from a cost and lost productivity standpoint, but they also have a profound impact on quality of life both on and off the job.

This lecture will address innovative strategies for preventing MSDs before they occur, while at the same time building a more resilient workforce. Attendees will also learn practical concepts for how they and their employees can play an active role in maintaining and optimizing their “movement health.”

  • Kevin Rindal, CEO, Vimocity
4:00 p.m. cst
Creating a sustainable and effective safety culture in the offshore wind environment

This panel will probe creating and sustaining an effective safety culture in the offshore environment; the successes and failures, observations, and lessons learned. With decades of executive leadership in the offshore industry, the panel will highlight key issues and common pitfalls.

  • Jennifer Medcalf, President, The REACH Group
  • Dave Massey, CEO, The REACH Group
  • Lee Jordan, COO, Gate Energy
  • Erik Milito, President, National Ocean Industries Association
5:00 p.m. cst
Networking Reception - sponsored by Baker Donelson

Friday, February 4

Sessions will be taking place from 9:00 a.m. CST to noon on February 4.

9:00 a.m. cst
Intro and welcome to the day
9:05 a.m. cst
Gulf of Mexico workforce - transferring skill sets from oil and gas

Awaiting Description

  • Tania Zachari, Techniques International Corporation
9:40 a.m. cst
carrots or sticks? which is more effective in creating the OSW industry in the U.S.

Session speakers will reflect on the journey of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management, since the early days of offshore wind in Europe to the current global growth of the industry. Speakers will share highlights of HSE learnings and industry collaborations which have been key in developing responsible and safe ways of working and establishing new global supply chains.

  • Marcus Peters, Head of Offshore HSE (Global), RWE Renewables
  • Dan Ortega, North America Representative, GWO
  • Beate Hildenbrand, Manager, Offshore & Onshore Wind Energy Institute 
Networking Break
11:00 a.m. cst
Above and Beyond: The Case for Exceeding Minimum Safety Standards

This session will share the journey, experiences, and lessons learned following the implementation of advanced first aid across the fleet of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy windfarms in the United Kingdom, including examples of when it has been effectively deployed.

  • Rob Griffiths, Director of Operations, Trauma Resus
11:35 a.m. cst
The OSW Safety Regulatory Regime – What will it look like in the U.S.?

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), have a long history of successes and challenges in regulating the safety of offshore energy production in the specific context of oil and gas operations. How will that experience and expertise translate to the offshore wind industry? What will the BOEM and BSEE safety regulatory regime look like for wind farms? What other regulatory agencies will play a role? This panel will discuss how safety frameworks for offshore energy have developed over the decades of “traditional” energy (oil and gas) operations, and how those frameworks may adopt, adapt, or evolve as wind energy operations come online in the U.S.

  • Chris Hannan, Baker Donelson  
  • Loulan Pitre, Kelly, Hart & Pitre
  • Cheri Hunter, Renewable Energy Program Coordinator, U.S. (BSEE) Office of the Director, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Department of the Interior 
  • Christy Lan, Senior Technical Advisor for Renewable Energy, BSEE
  • Jonathan Fraser, Renewable Energy Compliance Specialist, BSEE
12:30 p.m. cst

Hotel & Venue

Accommodations in New Orleans, LA
The OSW O&M/ Health & Safety Summit will be held in the NOPSI Hotel, located at 317 Baronne Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Network has secured a block of discounted hotel rooms for Summit attendees. Use this link to book your room at the discounted rate.

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Summit Sponsorship

The OSW O&M / Health & Safety Summit will bring together 150+ professionals in the operations and maintenance, health and safety, and data sectors. The two-day Summit offers your business an opportunity to showcase your products and services directly to industry professionals with purchasing power. Download our Sponsorship Opportunities PDF to learn more.

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Professionals came together at the OSW O&M / Health & Safety Summit for two days of workshops focused on operations and maintenance, health and safety, and data industries. View and download the Attendance List PDF


Health & Safety Guidelines

The OSW O&M / Health & Safety Summit will follow the Business Network for Offshore Wind’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines detailed on the Network website. The Business Network for Offshore Wind is firmly committed to the health and safety of our attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors – your health and well-being is our number one priority. The Network has put the following COVID-19 health and safety standards in place that strictly adheres to guidelines mandated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure safe and successful industry events. Please take the time to review our guidelines.  

Mentors and CEOs

Conference speakers

David Moyes
CEO, Colibri
Jayden Morris
Graphic Designer, Parrot
Richard Mortensen
Sales Executive, Finch
Felix Moyer
Customer Happinness, Herrons
Richard Oreta
Managing Director, Falcon
Sanit Khan
Sales Manager, Plover
Raymond Wright
Scrum Master, Eagle
Martha Hill
Sales Executive, Hummingbird

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