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Nicholas Weltz

Nicholas Welz

Director – Submarine Cable Services, Tetra Tech – Offshore Energy 

Workshop at OSW Grid & Transmission Summit:
Cable Challenges for Floating Offshore Wind 

Nicholas WeltzMr. Welz is a marine fisheries scientist with nearly 20 years of experience in the submarine cable industry. He has been involved in hundreds of global submarine fiber optic cable projects, as well as a wide variety of submarine power cable projects within the Tetra Tech Offshore Energy portfolio, including the installed export cables for CVOW and the Block Island Wind Farm. He and his team are tasked with helping their clients overcome a variety of challenges in the offshore project realm from project conception through construction and operation. Mr. Welz worked on a cutting-edge cable project in the Gulf of Mexico that overcame the challenge of connecting floating facilities to fiber optic cables on the seabed and he looks forward to helping progress floating wind projects in the coming years.