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Laila El-Ashmawy

Laila El-Ashmawy

Offshore Wind Team Procurement Manager, NYSERDA 

Workshop at OSW Grid & Transmission Summit: 
Facilitated Discussion | Lessons Learned from Ongoing Approaches (SAA and Mesh-Ready) and Next Steps 

Laila El-Ashmawy joined NYSERDA in March 2021 as their Offshore Wind Team Procurement Manager. Laila is responsible forNYSERDA’s offshore wind solicitations (ORECRFP), which includes industry and stakeholder engagement and coordinated transmission planning.    

Previously, Laila has held diverse roles in engineering, economics, and energy, ranging from offshore oil rig field engineering with Schlumberger in the Gulf of Mexico and Qatar to world energy statistics and balances at the International Energy Agency Energy Data Centre.   

Laila has earned three diplomas in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mineral and Energy Economics, and Petroleum Economics and Management from Arizona State University (USA), Colorado School of Mines (USA), and IFP-School (France), respectively. Laila lives in Bronx, New York